If you’ve been throwing for a while I bet you’ve had some of these thoughts:

  • “I’m sick of not making progress with my throwing”

  • “I don’t even know what to do next”

  • “I’m tired of not knowing how to help my athletes”

  • “I’m tired of trying to reverse engineer the videos I find online”

  • “I just wish I had someone I trust that could tell me exactly what I should be doing”

​If so, you’re in good company. These statements pretty much sum up most of my early throwing experiences.

I spent years trying to figure out how to throw farther, but I never felt like I actually knew what I was doing. 

I was always guessing what to do and tweaking my training with something new I found on the internet.

I ended up struggling through years of training wasting my time on:

  • focusing on the wrong technical points
  • throwing too much
  • doing the wrong lifting
  • not resting enough
  • not preparing for meets right

I really didn’t know what I was doing.

It was like attempting to build a house without the right plans. 

That’s when I’d start looking for something new to add to my training which typically involved trying to reverse engineer videos of professional throwers to help fix my technique. 

Usually, I would end up watching videos of Gerd Kanter, one of my favorite discus throwers of all time. He was a monster in the ring and he threw the discus over 240'!

I’d try to break down his throw frame by frame and try to copy his positions.

I figured discus technique was just hitting the right positions and never considered that there could be a difference between what I was seeing in Gerd’s technique and what he was actually thinking about. 

I found this out when I trained with Gerd Kanter’s coach, Vesteinn Hafsteinson.

I remember during one of our training sessions I asked Coach V about how Kanter didn’t turn his left foot all the way out of the back (I figured he did that on purpose so I was trying to copy it) and Coach V said that was something he wasn’t doing right. 

I just figured Gerd had perfect technique but what Coach V taught me was that there is more to just hitting perfect positions while throwing.

Throwing is just as much about what you are thinking about and what you are feeling during the throw. 

I learned from Coach V that there is much more going on behind the scenes than just what you can see from a video.

In addition to watching videos of the pros, I watched every instructional throwing video I could find.

And to be honest, this was more frustrating than trying to reverse engineer throwing videos. 

I had a really hard time taking what I learned in the video and putting it into my throwing.

I understood what to do but it was like there was a disconnect between my ability to understand it and my ability to actually do it.

In my continued pursuit to throw farther, I also went to throwing camps.

This was another step in the right direction, but once the camp was over it wasn’t long until I forgot what I learned or forgot what it felt like.

Although I was told watching professional thrower videos, watching instructional videos, and attending throws camps would transform my throwing, they never actually gave me the support I needed for long-term growth as a thrower.

I wanted more and I knew it was possible, I just didn't know where to get it. Can you relate?

As I mentioned earlier, everything began to change for me when I started working with Coach V from Global Throwing.

Coach V (Vesteinn Halfstiensson) is arguably one of the best discus and shot put coaches in the world. He was a 4x Olympian in the discus throw and he coached Olympic and World Champion discus thrower Gerd Kanter, and Word Champion shot putter Joachim Olsen.

Coach V knew how to take athletes to the next level! He had world-class knowledge and was a true teacher at heart. That enabled him to communicate his understanding of far throws in a simple way that I was able to understand.

Within my first year of working with Coach V, I threw over my previous PR 9 times and set my new PR at 211’6”. I truly went through a throwing transformation that in some ways even transformed my life. 


Here's what I want you to take from this: You can see a radical transformation in your throwing too.

You just need someone who truly knows the sport and who is a teacher at heart to guide you on what to do next.

And do you know what? I can be that person for you.

I believe in you and I know that with the right knowledge, understanding, and support you can reach your full potential and throw your farthest.

That’s why I created this course. To give you what you need to be your best!

Introducing my Discus Throw & Rotational Shot Put Course

The discus throw and rotational shot put course is the system you need to help you reach your full potential. You’ll learn the what, why, and how of all facets of throws training. This really is the perfect companion you need this season. The course is broken into modules teaching you how to push the implement, how to learn the rotational movements, and how to create and organize an effective throws training plan.

How my course does things the right way

This detailed and systematic approach to training keeps you on the right path to farther throws and off the wide road of training fads. Finally, you can say goodbye to the unnecessary guesswork and trial and error!   

You’ll learn the complete discus and rotational shot put technique through a step-by-step drill process taking you from the most basic movements to the complete full turn. Each step of the technique is covered in its own video lesson which teaches you what to do, how to do it, and why it’s important for throwing farther.  

Unlike other training resources, this is not just a list of drills to do, rather it’s a systematic progression of movement skills (separated into the two main movement skills of throwing) that build on each other to enable you to do the full spin with confidence.

You’ll also learn how to plan and organize your throwing practices and lifting schedule. This is monumental to unlocking your farthest throws this season. I’ll teach you the main concepts of a quality throws training program: volume, variety, and specificity along with example training programs for throwers at different skill levels. 

How you’ll benefit from my Discus Throw and Rotational Shot Put Course

Just imagine what it would feel like if you knew EXACTLY what you should be doing

  • If you knew EXACTLY what drills will help you the most.

  • If you knew EXACTLY what to think about and what you should be feeling.

  • If you knew EXACTLY what your practices should be like.

  • To set new personal bests faster and farther than you thought possible.

  • To trust yourself to throw far when it counts.

  • It would change your throwing forever, just like my throwing did when I started working with Coach V.

What's in the course?

Having the right knowledge of technique and training is vital to your success!

Learn How to Push (create power) 

Learn How to Rotate (spin fast)

Learn How to Plan Effective Training (throw your farthest)

How to Push the Implement: the most basic part of throwing is learning how to push the implement. It’s literally pushing against the ground with your legs so that the implement moves up and forward into the throwing sector. Learning the push is what truly unlocks far throws! Includes these lessons:

  • The Punch-Out

  • The ½ Stand Throw

  • The Stand Throw

  • The Moving Stand Throw

How to Learn the Rotational Movements: Doing the full spin allows you to create the maximum amount of force on the implement, which makes it travel the farthest. But learning the full turn can be tricky. In this module you’ll learn how posture, balance, and strength in your legs are the key to spinning fast and powerful. Includes these lessons:

  • The Half Turn

  • The Walking Half Turn

  • The Step Out

  • The Full Turn

How to Plan Effective Training for Throwers: This is the path to truly throwing your farthest.  My coach used to say if you want to throw really far then you’ve got to be really strong. In this module you’ll learn how to build an effective training program with throwing and lifting workouts and how they work together. You’ll also get example programs for beginner, intermediate, and advanced throwers. Includes these lessons:

  • Throwing Volume and Variety

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • How Throwing & Conditioning Work Together

Course Features

2 Years Course Access - From the day you purchase the course, you'll have complete access to all of the training videos and resources for 2 years. Come back to the course and rewatch your favorite lessons as many times as you want! 

Exclusive Video Lessons - The video lessons are the heart of the course and you'll learn how to throw the discus and rotational shot put and how to train for it in 24 video lessons. Each movement skill has its own video so you can easily reference it and go back to it as often as you like.

Example Training Plans - Module 4 is where you learn how to plan the strength and conditioning you need for your farthest throws. And not only will you learn how to create your own training plans, but you'll also get example lifting plans for beginner, intermediate, and advanced throwers.

Exclusive Analysis of Professional Discus and Shot Put Form - You’ll get an exclusive look into professional discus and rotational shot put technique. We'll take a look at 3 professional throwers (Joe Kovacs, Gerd Kanter, & Sandra Perkovic) and uncover what they do that helps them throw so far. It is both an enlightening and entertaining look at professional throwers.

Throwing Equipment Resource List - Ever wonder what equipment you should be using? In this section, I'll introduce you to some of the most important training equipment you need (and where to get it) that will help you be your best. 

John is passionate about his students!

- Christina

"I am nearly 72 and decided that I wanted to learn how to throw the discus. I had never picked up or seen a discus in my life. I started by researching discus for beginners and found John who gave me some tips and drills which I have been practising since last November. I have signed up for John's course and I am excited... the discus now smoothly flies through the air. John watched a video of my throw way before the course started. John is passionate about helping his students achieve their very best."


- Glen Allen

"John has an extraordinary array of talents as a Throws instructor: knowledge, experience, analytical skills and technology, enthusiasm, reliability, and patience. If you want help to achieve your full potential, John is your man!"

Won the 70-74 age group in the Virginia Commonwealth Games.

- Joe Kuster

"I'm 70, and haven't thrown seriously since high school. But I wanted to do some age group throwing with the USATF last year and found your basic video on how to turn out of the back of the circle. I did those drills, and a few more with some of the other videos you posted, and won the 70-74 age group in the Virginia Commonwealth Games."

Your videos help a lot!

- Brian Evans

"Thanks John. As a head coach at a small school and being a non-thrower, your videos help a lot."


  • Who is this course for?

    My Discus Throw and Rotational Shot Put Course is specifically designed for middle school, high school, college, and masters athletes & coaches. Even if you have little to no experience in throwing this course guides you through the most basic concepts of throws training all the way to doing the full spin with confidence. And if you are an accomplished thrower, I’m certain that you will learn things in this course you never knew about throwing that will take you to the next level.

  • How much does the course cost?

    You get 2 years of complete access for 1 payment of $249.

  • As a coach, can I share the course with my team?

    Absolutely, I’m okay if you share your course access with your athletes, but I’d ask that you don’t share it with people outside of your team.

  • Does your course teach the shot put glide?

    My course teaches proper technique and training for both discus and rotational shot put. It does not teach shot put glide technique.

  • Does this include a lifting plan?

    You bet! It not only teaches you how to design your own training program but it also provides sample workouts for beginner, intermediate, and advanced throwers.

  • Axel Luft

    "My throwing is getting better and better, John is an amazing coach! It’s really fun and it’s all about hitting the positions. Hitting, hitting, hitting! That's what counts."

  • Jake White

    "It’s about the methodology and the way that you think and how those things apply to the discus. It's about bringing everything together in a dance rather than having the pieces be separate. John is willing to get into your corner and cheer you on during every little step so that all the puzzle pieces come together to create something pretty great."

  • Ciaran Fitzgerald

    - Ciaran Fitzgerald“Really good video and removes the mystery from throwing”